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What do we recommend?

The picturesque surroundings of Villa Baranówka have many attractions to offer - from active leisure, to family sightseeing, to a peaceful, relaxing holiday. 

For the activewe recommend walks in the vicinity of the facility, trips to Gubałówka (about two hours on foot), but also hiking to the trails of the Tatra National Park (about 20 minutes by car to the Chochołowska Valley). 

Onmfans sports winterthey are waitingin the near distance there are ski lifts, an ice rink and real highlander sleigh rides.

Family vacationa trip to the beautiful sanctuary in Bachledówka, as well as taking advantage of the charitable activities of the nearby Chochołowskie Baths.


In the evenings, we encourage you torelaxing and admiring unforgettable sunsetswith a view of the Tatra Mountains at the local oscypek cheese.

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